Web optimization

When talking about website optimization from the point of view of SEO positioning propose different actions necessary to make the content of your page is relevant to the different search engines .
Taking this into account properly handle meta tags, keywords, a good use of texts to identify the product inside the web .
Observe carefully not put text in images because search engines do not track the same , to position .
Creating quality content . Suggest the client to regularly update the site since a greater degree of updating the content , the more options that robots visiting the website.
Use all possibilities for links to other sites as this is highly regarded by search robots of search engines.
It is important to have a site map with links to all the main pages of the website. In this way we can improve your visibility in the search engines from different points of view :

Some keys are:

Include the most important pages . If the website has over 100 pages, it is not necessary to include them all because the user will be lost. Just include those that are most important .

Optimization . The Web map can be an excellent opportunity to include a large number of keywords through the various titles of each page.

Link to site map from every page. A good option is to include a link to your map from the bottom of each page .

internal Links
Internal links are used for navigation within the Web page. They are clear indications for seekers about the importance we want to give each page.