Sending Newsletter

What is a shipping Newsletter?

It's sending email advertising. Optimizes communication and position your company to your potential customers. It also generates new customers because advertising mail can be forwarded from one client to another, making your enterprise is increasingly popular. By sending by mail a digital advertising piece, your company will save on printed material and be able to communicate immediately about: promotions, discounts, freebies, deals, product and services.

What is included?

Configuration and setup of the campaign:
Charge Your Advertising and database in our Software.

Custom Design newsletter:
We design, configuration html, link. We create e-mails text format, html to expand the effectiveness of your campaigns to minimize the risk that your e-mail is considered spam.

Optimization shipping lists:
We keep your lists optimized by: purge rebounds, automatic duplicate cleaning and more. This way you avoid paying for email that will never arrive.

Tracking openings and clicks:
We inform you about the effectiveness of your campaigns across multiple reports as openings, clicks, forwards, etc. statistics including shipping.