Multimedia Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have stopped their visual impact, today there are tools to make your presentations more interactive, courses or conferences. They also offer a greater impact on advertising with the use of video, games, etc. that not only serve a specific presentation but to increase potential sales or potential customers you attract uploaded to social networks.

Multimedia presentations may contain:

1- video. It is used to create sensations, customer testimonials, a production process, a welcome message, etc.

2. Animations are usually used in 2D for different events and objects such as animation of a pet, or object.

3 Interaction - To process or interaction training games to change the pace of care reviewers are used. The idea is to encourage the audience to react to certain stimuli that make less monotonous or heavy or course especially if it is very long.

With the tools that are used for multimedia like flash differ markedly from Powerpoint presentations.
The multimedia presentations are an indispensable tool for both courses, corporate presentations, and web page. In sales catalogs, training courses in auditoriums or virtual courses