Web Maintenance

Once your website is online and since it comes with mode " turnkey" , we recommend a monthly maintenance contract , so they can go to DrWeb Services to perform upgrades , technical support and regular implementation of measures advanced Security to protect your site .



Plan 8 Hours Monthly Web Maintenance
Price : $ 300 per month
Number of maintenance hours : 8 hours per month
This maintenance includes :

8 Hours Development per month : Includes up to 8 hours / man development per month , so you can ask specific work on the website , such as: banner design , updates , newsletters , installation of new components and any work that customer need to perform on your site , to the limit of hours that have contracted .

Online Support : Customer consultations on system management and technical support in case of technical problems occur in service. Technical support is offered Monday to Friday vía email .

Tasks Webmaster: Performing tasks webmaster, ie installation of system upgrades , security patches , software antihacking , system backups in which we support all your information up to 15 days back and system restore no cost if to be a hack.