Desingn Web

Today it is essential to have an Internet presence, and to do a site that reflects the identity of the company or product it represents, making effective use of images, text , and interactivity with the user is needed.

Project Analysis and Diagnostic

Profile, mission , customers, products / services, competition, etc. : the characteristics of the company are analyzed
Project characteristics are analyzed : extent , goals, customers / target audiences , features, and determine how best to meet the objectives , in terms of technology , structure, and type of product , service project by putting our extensive experience in the subject.

Information Architecture

We determine what is the best way to structure and present the information you need to present effectively , clear and user friendly manner.

Design and Production

The characteristics required to have the site in regard to graphics , functionality and and structure are determined. On this basis an outline of the main and sub page to be submitted to the company for evaluation in order to make the necessary adjustments and get a good picture of the web to identify the client is built. We work always doing a profile of customer needs and your product or service , from very simple to complex designs .